A naturally bio-energized foaming odour neutralizer and waste treatment combining the power of high powered odour counteracting “boosters” and concentrated bacterial/enzymatic activity in formula with grease cutting additives which safely and efficiently provides positive control of odour while at the same time breaks down organics. BACTii-OF eliminates malodours while working to maintain systems in a clean and free flowing condition with no harm to floats, pumps or tanks. BACTii-OF’s powerful odour neutralizing bacterial action was specifically designed to quickly eliminate odours from open organic sources such as lift stations, wet wells, sumps, grease traps, garbage facilities, wastewater plants and compost operations as well as commercial property, restaurant, industrial and food processing plant waste handling areas.


PEN-E-LUBE FG is designed for use as a penetrating oil for loosening and freeing hard to remove nuts, bolts, screws, etc. It meets the requirements for incidental food contact and is safe for all metal surfaces and most plastics. Comes with a pinpoint spray extension applicator to reach the most difficult areas and to extend the distance it can be sprayed. It provides high-performance penetrating lubrication while maintaining food-grade integrity.


Highly effective blend of surfactants and detergents formulated for use in a variety of laundry applications. Contains excellent soil suspension ingredients to prevent redeposition. It works effectively in all water conditions and soil classifications. OXY-DET is chelated for ensured effectiveness in all water conditions. Its penetrating and emulsifying ability prevents fabric greying due to soil redeposition. OXY-DET has excellent wetting capabilities, is safe on all types of fabrics and is phosphate free. It’s cost effectiveness makes it an excellent product to use in heavy soil conditions. OXY-DET can be used in a single operation or in combination with other additives.