microSTIM™ 780

Concentrated bio-augmenter for COMPOST TREATMENT improving biodegradation of organics in COMPOST. microSTIM™ 780 yields superior stimulation to the natural microbial compost activity increasing the rate of decomposition and thereby producing maximum composting efficiency while at the same time providing excellent odour control including suppression of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide production.


A unique and comprehensive synergistic blend of biologicals and essential oils (derived from plants) quickly attack the malodour molecules, eliminating (not masking) the source of the problem. Safe for use on any water washable surface. Ideal for fire and flood restoration, and for problematic odours such as mildew, smoke, pet odours, urine, bathroom, locker room and harsh kitchen/dumpster malodours.

microSTIM™ 775

Concentrated bio-augmenter for NATURAL POND TREATMENT
of LARGE AND SMALL PONDS • DECORATIVE WATER SYSTEMS • HOLDING PONDS. microSTIM™ 775 acts to tie up harmful toxins, freeing the water’s naturally occurring purification process to function at optimal rates, therefore more effectively reducing and controlling pond organics (usually the primary nutrient source for algae and other undesirable aquatic growth). Harmless to humans and any aquatic life (birds, fish and plants).


Biological Deodorizer, Digester and Cleaner – A concentrated biological product for intense odour conditions as found in waste management applications such as garbage trucks/ bins/chutes and disposal systems. Biological agents attack the source of odours, not simply masking them. Safe for use on all water-safe surfaces. Eliminates a wide range of malodours even the most severe.


A concentrated enzyme / biological product for intense odours. Enzymes attack the source of the odour, not simply masking it. For use in heavy duty odour conditions as found in waste management applications. Excellent combination cleaner and odour control for applications such as garbage trucks, garbage bins and chutes and any other equipment where heavy odour and organic soil conditions exist. Also effective as well to aid in treatment of drain lines, grease traps and septic waste systems.