DRAIN B-GON – Liquid

A highly effective non-acid liquid for rapid penetration and opening of all types of drains and pipes which are clogged due to fats, grease, cloth, paper, soap, scum, slime, hair as well as other cellulose and organic matter. For use in all types of drains and drainlines such as showers, bathtubs, sinks, urinals, floor drains, drinking fountains as found in industrial and food processing plants, institutional, commercial, public and municipal facilities. ALSO AVAILABLE IN GRANULAR FORM.


From concrete trucks to swimming pools and a lot in between. Heavy duty, penetrating, concentrated concrete cleaner and renovator designed to dissolve and remove excess mortar, scale, scum, rust, corrosion, insoluble carbonates, lime and concrete from most surfaces.


New generation of high quality, high dielectric strength, non-emulsifiable solvent cleaners with superior oil and grease penetration properties. Eliminates use of harmful and environmentally hazardous chlorinated solvents. Reduced hazardous chemical content increases “in use” safety for personnel (low toxicity and high flash point), while the non-chlorinated, reduced VOC formula greatly modifies potential environmental impact. Safe on most painted, plastic and rubber surfaces.


Rust converter/primer. A cementitious coating that is not based on normal resins, but which bonds like cement. Oxide pigments found in Rust-O-Lene prevent further rusting. Specially designed to chemically react to and stop rust, converting it to stable metal–organic compound that is paint ready.


Safe, mild acid cleaning concentrate for the removal of lime, hard water salts and stains, oxidation, tarnish and cement or concrete dust deposits from aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, iron, masonry, concrete, plastic, fibreglass, and most painted surfaces. Dissolves cement dust from truck cabs and bodies without harming painted finishes. Use for the preparation of cement floors before application of seal or finish. Improves efficiency of air conditioning, refrigeration, steam and water cooling coils. Safe and effective for cleaning sludge belts, digester lines and fine bubble diffusers in water pollution control plants.


Cleans and protects glass and plastic screens, while at the same time filling in minute surface scratches to provide a clearer, sharper image. Leaves an invisible anti-fog, anti-static, protective coating which resists dust, oil, smudges, fingermarks, scratches and wear. Excellent for use on all computer display terminals, monitors, store check-out scanners, food viewing and sneeze shields, TV screens, electronic game displays, radar tracking screens, weatherboards, recording chart covers, safety glasses, plastic masks, shields, helmets and visors (used by fire departments, riot squads, divers and industry). IMPROVES DEFINITION • REDUCES EYE FATIGUE • NON-ABRASIVE • NON-YELLOWING.


A safe replacement for hydrochloric, muriatic and sulfamic acid solutions to effectively remove scale, lime, slime and algae which rapidly build up in condenser coils and pipes in circulating heating and cooling systems. It is safe in almost all types of systems since it is non-corrosive and will not harm steel, copper, aluminum or wood.