Mild acid foaming bathroom cleaner – Dilutable foaming mild acid bathroom cleaner with no harsh fumes. Applied with a foamer, provides excellent cling to vertical surfaces. Effective against soap scum and hard water deposits. For use on all bathroom surfaces except natural marble. Contains powerful odour counteractant. Click to View SDS


Revolutionary optimal urinal protection and treatment consisting of a specially formulated transparent polymer disposable screen infused with optimized natural bacteria, odour counteractants and deodorants providing maximum odour control and cleaning properties for all types of urinals and connected drainlines. HONEYSUCKLE – SPICED APPLE – WINTERFRESH.


Lotionized cream cleanser incorporating minute scrubbers to provide a safe yet superior polishing cleaner for a multitude of hard surface finishes. LAVOGRIT is bacteriostatic and deodorizes as it cleans leaving a light fresh clean fragrance. Super for removing grime, soap scum, hard water deposits, surface rust, scuff and rubber marks, and other stubborn soils and surface stains from ceramic, porcelain, formica, grouting, chrome, stainless steel, fibreglass, flooring and other hard surfaces. Even great for cleaning stained or dicoloured vinyl surfaces. Excellent as a non-acid bowl and urinal cleanser.


Fast and easy to use one step solution for the elimination and prevention of mold and mildew. Great for cleaning tile, grout, shower curtains, boat covers, camper canopies, convertible tops, vinyl awnings, under eves and trim, refrigerator gaskets, outdoor furniture, brick, concrete or wherever there is a possibility of mildew growth. Used in homes, schools, athletic facilities, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes etc.