TOILET and URINAL CLEANER – Safe, yet efficient cleaning of urinals and toilets in one application. Highly concentrated formula provides exceptional penetration and subsequent removal of organic soils, lime deposits and stains. Acts to loosen and remove lime/rust deposits in drain lines without damaging pipes or fixtures. Great for de-liming shower walls and glass. NO STRONG FUMES • LEAVES SPARKLING CLEAN SURFACES • FORMULATED TO REPLACE HARSH ACID CLEANERS.


GLASS & HARD SURFACE CLEANER – Streak-free removal of soil, film, dust, oil, grease, fingermarks, pollutants and insect residues from glass and plastic surfaces (eg: windows, counter tops, auto glass, mirrors and displays). Extremely effective for quick spray and wipe cleaning of ceramic, enamel, chrome, stainless steel and polished metals. NO FLASH POINT • FAST DRYING • NO FUMES.


NEUTRAL CLEANER CONCENTRATE – Highly effective, controlled sudsing detergent for quick, economical removal of a wide range of soils from all types of flooring (eg: resilient tile, quarry tile, terrazzo and concrete). Specifically formulated for use via either automatic floor scrubbers or manual floor cleaning methods. Excellent for use on floors in food processing and industrial plants, warehouses, shopping malls and stores. HIGHLY CONCENTRATED • LIFTS AND SUSPENDS SOIL • NO RINSING REQUIRED • RESIDUAL FREE • ECONOMICAL TO USE.