A specialized blend of bacterial cultures specifically selected and adapted for ecologically maintaining ponds, lakes, streams and other decorative bodies of water. It controls algae growth by competing with the algae for the available nutrients. This product is harmless to humans, birds, fish and plant life thereby providing biological control completely compatible with maintaining a natural ecological balance.


(water soluble pouch) – Aids in the elimination of sludge and solids which can build up in septic systems causing offensive odours, clogged pipes and system back-ups. Counters septic shock caused by large amounts of bleach, laundry detergents, grease and other household wastes. Used by industrial plants, home and cottage owners, resorts, hotels, farms or anyone having a septic system.


Innovative unique biological block incorprating patent pending Inter-Core Technology ideally suited for lift stations and mains. Provides initial high count slug dose followed by an on-going continual source of powerful bacteria to biodegrade grease and organic wastes. Provides 60 to 180 days of grease and odour control. Reduces BOD, COD, TSS and FOG. EASY TO USE • NON-HAZARDOUS • SAFE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AND USERS


Durable, stable-dose solid blocks for use in problem lift stations, wastewater facilities, lagoons, grease traps and septic tanks. WATERCO BIO-DIP slowly releases billions of digesting bacteria to immediately begin to reduce sludge build-ups and break down fats, oils and greases that normally cause problems in wastewater collection lift stations. WATERCO BIO-DIP dissolves between 30-60 days depending on flow, thus allowing continuous treatment to eliminates organic wastes and odours. WATERCO BIO-DIP are weighted for vertical suspension below the grease layer


Stable-dose solid blocks offering macro and micro nutrient technology plus minerals which works as a perfect synergistic augmentation to any biological treatment system requiring consistent pre-biotic conditions for proper function. Protects from dramatic biological die off cycles due to lack of micro-nutrient stability. Consistent nutrient and mineral infusion allows more bacterial reproduction enhancing stability promoting maximum wasstewater processing efficiency while at the same time lowering the product costs of any existing biological regimens.

microSTIM™ 770

Newest generation of bio-augmentation for treatment of wastewater systems, digesters and lagoons. All natural concentrated proprietary formula developed incorporating a unique blend of over 30 natural trace minerals, bio-activators (bacterial stimulators) and toxin renovators representing the latest development in natural bio-augmentation for the treatment of septic systems, sump wells and cesspools. Acts to tie up harmful system toxins causing a reduction in the bio-availability of these contaminants thereby conditioning the existing septic system environment, freeing naturally occurring microbial activity to function at optimal rates thus elevating both the rate and efficiency of organics break-down and odour reduction. Helps to maintain systems in an active, clean and free flowing condition with no harm to plumbing fixtures, drain lines, septic tanks or field tiles. LONG TERM EFFECTIVENESS • HIGHLY CONCENTRATED FOR INCREASED ECONOMY • LOW ORDER OF TOXICITY • BIODEGRADABLE.

XLR 8™

NATURES OWN WASTE TREATMENT SYSTEM – Significantly improves waste system efficiency using natures own biodegraders. Highly concentrated, scientifically developed, naturally bio-energized waste degrader which uses the power of highly diverse strains of bacterial/enzymatic activity to efficiently break down organic waste as well as difficult, non-biodegradable compounds (detergents, paper, oil, grease, hydrocarbons and phenols) in commercial, institutional, industrial and municipal wastewater systems. Works in either the presence or absence of oxygen and is capable of digesting compounds which are normally toxic to natural sewage bacteria. Maintains systems in an active, clean and free flowing condition without harm to sewers, field tiles or tanks. Most economical and effective for reseeding systems where bio-kills have occurred and for maintaining maximum bio-system efficiency on a long term basis. NON-CORROSIVE – NON-PATHOGENIC – STABLE.