Water soluble paks containing specifically blended natural facultative (aerobic and anaerobic) bacteria to provide outstanding performance in low oxygen environment for liquification/decomposing of a wide range of organic wastes. This unique concentrated blend is designed to be used in anaerobic sludge digesters, lift stations, sludge lagoons, septic systems in all industrial, institutional, municipal waste and farm applications.


A specialized blend of bacterial cultures specifically selected and adapted for ecologically maintaining ponds, lakes, streams and other decorative bodies of water. It controls algae growth by competing with the algae for the available nutrients. This product is harmless to humans, birds, fish and plant life thereby providing biological control completely compatible with maintaining a natural ecological balance.


(water soluble pouch) – Aids in the elimination of sludge and solids which can build up in septic systems causing offensive odours, clogged pipes and system back-ups. Counters septic shock caused by large amounts of bleach, laundry detergents, grease and other household wastes. Used by industrial plants, home and cottage owners, resorts, hotels, farms or anyone having a septic system.