E-SCRUB bottle-ENVIRO-GARD concentrated lotion cleanser


CONCENTRATED LOTION CLEANSER – Rich, clinging, non-acid lotion cleanser with natural mini-scrubbers for the removal of grime, soap scum, hard water and deposits, surface rust, scuff and rubber marks, and other stubborn soils and surface stains from ceramic, porcelain, formica, chrome, stainless steel and other hard surfaces. Excellent as a non-acid bowl and urinal cleanser. Phosphate Free – Biodegradable – Safe for Septic Systems. REMOVES RUST and POLISHES METALS • REMOVES SCUFF and RUBBER MARKS EASILY • SAFE FOR USE ON STAINLESS STEEL, CULTURED MARBLE, PORCELAIN, GLASS, FIBREGLASS AND ACRYLIC WHEN USED AS DIRECTED.

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