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In the last few years we at Mega-Lab International have fine-tuned the art of success in the specialty chemical marketplace. From sales techniques, to marketing and promotion, to distribution chains, we know what works–and just as importantly, what doesn’t.

We are building a multi-million dollar operation in North America and steadily taking our expertise to the international marketplace.

We’re looking for sales-oriented distributorships in the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean,
South America and the European Common Market.

We’ll provide the product line, the sales techniques, the marketing and promotions support
and the benefit of our many years of experience. You provide the sales force, the entrepreneurial spirit and the enthusiasm. Together, we’ll succeed in your marketplace, just as we have in North America.

Are You This Distributor?

What we require from you…

1. Proven Success

We’re sales driven and you need to be also. Your history of sales success will jump start your success with us. We need people with a track record of aggressively pursuing sales rather than passively waiting to take orders.

2. Financial Strength

We’re looking for companies who have the ability to invest in adequate inventories, plus the necessary administrative, management and sales expenses needed to generate a profitable return.

3. Positive Reputation

Your good name and position in the community are a definite asset.

4. Sufficient & Dedicated

Our distributors must be willing and able to recruit, train and maintain an ambitious sales force that can quickly and effectively penetrate the market.

What a Distributor Requires

What we can provide…

1. A Stable, Profitable Corporation

We’re certainly that. We’ve shown stability and currently we have no borrowing from our bank. Furthermore, we’ve had the same, steady leadership since inception.

2. A High Quality Marketable Product Line

Our products are all problem solvers–the need is there. We continually set the industry standards for both product quality and innovation.

We have an arsenal of more than 175 field-proven products to choose from, and since everything we sell is sprayed, washed away or poured down the drain, there is no better business for repeat sales.

Our products and literature are constantly updated to meet the changing regulations and environmental laws.

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3. Field-Proven Sales and Marketing Training and Education

Here’s where our skills really shine. We offer full-service training and education for all levels of your sales organization–field representatives, tele-marketers and managers.

Training and education will be done in the field for one-on-one training, in the classroom and through KIP, Mega-Lab’s comprehensive education program.

Subjects to be covered include:

  • Product and market knowledge
  • The Mega-Step Sales Presentation
  • Sales Recruiting
  • Time and Territory Management
  • Environmental and regulatory issues
  • Business and growth planning

4. Complete Distributor Consultation

We said we want you to benefit from our years of experience, so we’ll be at your side providing guidance and input on key decisions such as:

  • Developing a comprehensive commission and salary/bonus scheme.
  • Developing cash flow models for the early years.
  • Assisting in the recruiting, selection and training of field sales representatives.
  • Developing customer and sales force driven sales contests and promotions.
  • Assisting in managing inventory controls.
  • A senior member of Mega-Lab’s management team will always be available to provide input and help you successfully launch your business.
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Building a Team

When involved in manpower planning for a Mega-Lab distributorship, the following positions should be evaluated:

Distributor Manager

Hiring, training, developing and leading the sales force is the primary responsibility of the Distributor Manager. In the early days a great deal of time will be spent selling in the field.

In addition, the day-to-day operations of the distributor organization lie in the hands of the Distributor Manager. All sales support functions report to the Distributor Manager. The Distributor Manager reports directly to the Managing Director.

Sales Support Functions

Depending upon how the parent organization is set up, many of these functions may be incorporated into the existing systems. However, attention must be paid to who will handle each of these functions:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Warehouse and Shipping
  • Administration
  • Credit and Collection

Field Sales Representatives

Field sales representatives must be hired under two premises. First, they must be committed to only the Mega-Lab product line. And secondly, they must be willing to devote considerable time and effort to opening new accounts.

The number of Field Sales Representatives needed to start the operation varies based upon the area to be covered.

Distributor Support Network

In general, our experienced team of specialty chemical professionals will always be available to help you establish your operation. Specifically, Mega-Lab may assign the following people to your organization:

Regional Sales Manager

With a primary goal of developing new relationships, the Regional Sales Manager may make the initial contact and will help throughout the development of the organization.

International Sales Coordinator

This person serves as a single point of contact for all administration, technical, accounting, marketing and distribution functions. The International Sales Coordinator handles all distributor orders from start to finish.

Senior Sales Trainer

A highly-experienced Senior Sales Trainer will come to you to provide one-on-one field training and classroom education on the product line, sales techniques and time and territory management.

Specialty Sales Trainer

As your organization grows, additional trainers will be available to help you expand into other product categories and to enhance initial training.

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