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is an enzyme activated emulsifier, very effective in removing insoluble soil particles and protein-based soils at temperatures up to 140 F. All the biodegradeable surfactants provide rapid wetting, emulsification, soil removal and controlled foaming. The proprietary blend combines several soil specifics to act on a wide range of stains. Click to View SDS

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A highly effective blend of surfactants and detergents formulated for use in a variety of laundry applications. SUDS contains excellent soil suspension ingredients to prevent redeposition. It works effectively in all water conditions and all soil classifications. SUDS is chelated for ensured effectiveness in all water conditions. Its penetrating and emulsifying ability prevents fabric greying due to soil redeposition. SUDS has excellent wetting capabilities, is safe on all types of fabrics and is phosphate free. It’s cost effectiveness makes it an excellent product to use in heavy soil conditions. SUDS can be used in a single operation or in combination with BUILDER.

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Provides alkalinity and promotes detergency on light, medium and heavily soiled wash loads. It is a highly alkaline builder containing sequestrant and cmc specially formulated to provide optimum results when used in conjunction with SUDS. BUILDER adds additional power to remove the most difficult soil on oil based stains. It contains additional optical brighteners to prevent greying and discoloration.

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A liquid product that is automatically injected into the final rinse cycle. It is designed to be used for a wide variety of fabrics and leaves a fresh, clean fragrance. In addition, SOFTENER prevents bed rashes from rough linen while promoting easier ironing, lint free fabric and reducing static electricity.

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A free flowing liquid which is used in the rinse cycle. It will neutralize or reduce the fabric pH to ensure skin compatibility. Sour also has unique iron removing ingredients to prevent soaking and rewashes while providing a whiter appearance. Click to View SDS

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