A unique new compound that offers significant advantages for the treatment of hydrogen sulfide with chemistry that specifically targets hydrogen sulfide, organo-sulfur compounds and mercaptans. LIMIN8™ is a truly safe product that is useful to industries, wastewater treatment, and petro-chemical refining for removal of foul smelling sulfurous chemicals from waste systems and the atmosphere. LIMIN8™ is a highly effective sulfide scavenger and acid eliminator across a wide range of applications. Controls hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans in wastewater treatment facilities, digesters, sludge tanks, lagoons and lift stations. Excellent for use in the counteraction of hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and foul odour conditions through atomizing, spraying or fogging methods for safely removing poisonous and corrosion-causing hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and foul odours from a wide variety of locations such as above tanks, settling ponds or lagoons, sludge dewatering areas, lift stations, air gaps, manholes, and culverts.

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