A clear, non-drying, non-silicone, wax-like coating which safely protects surfaces from rust and corrosion, as well as adherence and subsequent build-ups of snow, ice, dirt, mud, salt, cold patch, asphalt, concrete and graffiti. Provides corrosion protection for seasonal equipment while in storage (inside or outside), the cabs and bodies of salt spreaders, garbage packers and other similar equipment while in use. Use on ship deck and railway switching equipment to stop ice or corrosion disabling. Eliminates adherence of snow and ice on signs without impairing reflectivity. Excellent for coating all hydraulic and mechanical equipment to prevent ice blockage and break-down. Stops freezing of garbage or wood chips to interiors of containers, loaders, trucks and railcars. Discourages graffiti and makes it easier to remove. Provides a barrier coat for use on cold patch, asphalt and cement vehicles, equipment and forms. Safe on painted finishes – does not discolour. Water resistant. Easily removed when desired.

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