microSTIM™ 700

Newest generation of bio-augmentation for treatment of wastewater systems, digesters and lagoons. All natural proprietary formula incorporates a unique blend of natural trace minerals, bio-activators (bacterial stimulators) and toxin renovators. Ties up harmful system toxins resulting in reduced contaminant bio-availability thereby freeing up the systems naturally occurring microbial activity to function at optimal rates. Elevates both rate and efficiency of organics break-down and odour reduction. Initiates positive stimulation (“Bio-Boosters”) of the naturally occurring system bacteria, particularly those being negatively effected by the harmful toxins. Contains proprietary additives to pro-actively reduce H2S levels and associated gas/odour levels. Helps create an“earth friendly” treatment environment as well as higher personnel use acceptance. LONG TERM EFFECTIVENESS • HIGHLY CONCENTRATED FOR INCREASED ECONOMY • LOW ORDER OF TOXICITY • BIODEGRADABLE.

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