microSTIM™ 770

Newest generation of bio-augmentation for treatment of wastewater systems, digesters and lagoons. All natural concentrated proprietary formula developed incorporating a unique blend of over 30 natural trace minerals, bio-activators (bacterial stimulators) and toxin renovators representing the latest development in natural bio-augmentation for the treatment of septic systems, sump wells and cesspools. Acts to tie up harmful system toxins causing a reduction in the bio-availability of these contaminants thereby conditioning the existing septic system environment, freeing naturally occurring microbial activity to function at optimal rates thus elevating both the rate and efficiency of organics break-down and odour reduction. Helps to maintain systems in an active, clean and free flowing condition with no harm to plumbing fixtures, drain lines, septic tanks or field tiles. LONG TERM EFFECTIVENESS • HIGHLY CONCENTRATED FOR INCREASED ECONOMY • LOW ORDER OF TOXICITY • BIODEGRADABLE.

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