Product Development

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Private Labeling

Over the years, with our own Mega-Lab branded products as well as experience shipping and branding overseas, we understand how to develop, launch and grow private brands. Talk to us about our Private Label Program.

Looking Towards the Future

Decades in the specialty chemical industry gives us the experience to know what works. Constantly looking for ways to improve our quality and find innovation in what has traditionally been a slow moving industry.

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Blending Capability

200 or 6000 litre batch sizes, we have the scope to meet a variety of needs. Hundreds of formulas with thousands of variables (from spa like fragrances to the most fluorescent of colours) We have it all to make the product fit a performance or aesthetic ideal.

Focus on you

We are a global company with a Canadian focus. Our diverse customer portfolio ranges from owner-operators to multi-franchise chains and national distributors. We pride ourselves on having the greatest of relationships with our customers, which allow us to really understand what we need to do to make for a long term and successful association.

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In house, we have the capability for SDS generation, label creation, TDS assembly. Further, we have the resources to ensure the highest levels of compliance with the ever more complex web of government and third party rules for cleaning in different industries.