XLR 8™

NATURES OWN WASTE TREATMENT SYSTEM – Significantly improves waste system efficiency using natures own biodegraders. Highly concentrated, scientifically developed, naturally bio-energized waste degrader which uses the power of highly diverse strains of bacterial/enzymatic activity to efficiently break down organic waste as well as difficult, non-biodegradable compounds (detergents, paper, oil, grease, hydrocarbons and phenols) in commercial, institutional, industrial and municipal wastewater systems. Works in either the presence or absence of oxygen and is capable of digesting compounds which are normally toxic to natural sewage bacteria. Maintains systems in an active, clean and free flowing condition without harm to sewers, field tiles or tanks. Most economical and effective for reseeding systems where bio-kills have occurred and for maintaining maximum bio-system efficiency on a long term basis. NON-CORROSIVE – NON-PATHOGENIC – STABLE.

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